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About Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is a whole food nutrition that uses 30 different fruits and vegetables, from family owned American farms, that are picked at their prime.


The whole fruit or vegetable (including peels, seeds and leaves) are juiced to harvest the highest amounts of nutrients.


The result is then dried down to a powder, and encapsulated (also available in the form of a chewable). In addition, Juice Plus has created a protein shake mix that is vegan, consists of all-natural ingredients, and tastes amazing even when mixed with just water!

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Juice Plus+ serves the important role of filling the gap between how many vegetables we should be eating a day, and what we realistically eat every day.

Juice Plus+ goes through rigorous testing, and displays the NSF (National Science Foundation) certification on each label. With more than 30 research studies, conducted at leading hospitals and Universities, Juice Plus+ is the most researched brand-name product in the world.


A few clinical studies conducted relating to Juice Plus+ includes: decreased systemic inflammation, healthy skin and hair, immune system, heart health, quality of life, and childhood obesity.

Go to to read more about the benefits of Juice Plus + nutrition.

A Personal Note

I decided to do a cleanse about 6 months ago. I took all sugar, dairy, grains, and alcohol out of my diet, and instead focused on proteins, fruits, and vegetables. I found it incredibly hard, if not impossible, to eat the quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables that I know are necessary.
I heard about Juice Plus shortly after my cleanse, and knew I had to try it! After about a month, I could already feel my energy increase to the point that I could reduce my caffeine intake. My hair was growing longer (which even my hairdresser noticed!) and I, in general, felt healthier. I strongly recommend adding Juice Plus to your daily health routine.
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