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Balanced Body & Wellness, LLC.

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Balanced Body and Wellness will help you achieve the quality of life you deserve through injury prevention, fall prevention, strength, and balance training.

Convenience is an important quality in order to make fitness a priority in our lives. By providing in-home personal training, you get the privacy of your home with the benefits of a professional studio. I will bring the equipment to you, and what ever space you have can be used to get an amazing workout.


"Ten years ago, I started working out with Carol Boruch with achy knees, painful hips, and chronic tennis elbows. Working out twice a week has improved my strength, flexibility, and balance IMMENSELY. Carol customizes each workout to your body and specifics(ability, health conditions, injuries). She helped with my physical rehabilitation of a torn rotator cuff and back problems. Carol is constantly monitoring your form, so you don’t incur any injuries during the workout. On top of it all, Carol Boruch is an amazing motivator."


Patty Leach


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For pricing, booking availability, or any other questions, please email:

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